Our Goal is Simple

Create wealth
for our investors

By focusing on finding and building a portfolio of highly profitable deals in the multi-family Class B & C market 

About Us

“With over two decades of experience in real estate investments we have found through vertical integration of essential property management functions we can provide an exceptional returns for our investors and an exceptional experience for our tenants.”

– Cary Newton, President & Founder of Arizona Multifamily

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My Strategy

As a professional real estate investor, I’m focused on buying multifamily properties in both B and C class locations. The units sizes range from 5-50 units, and most of my acquisitions are off market deals. My strategy is to purchase these properties considerably under value and then force appreciation by adding value through renovation. This means we’ll take the time to completely redo the inside of the unit so we can increase rent prices and reduce expenses; this leads to an increased NOI (Net Operating Income) ultimately creating value.

Also, my company is vertically integrated which means we take care of every process needed including:

  • Locating off-market deals
  • Financing deals
  • Managing construction rehabs
  • Managing properties
  • Refinancing properties to stabilizing assets

Five years ago, our mission was clear: to identify a management team that not only embraced our value-add strategy but also aligned with our vision and goals. With each property purchase, we experimented with different management companies, hoping to find the perfect fit. However, we soon realized that while these companies excelled in specific areas, they fell short in other critical aspects of the value chain. Recognizing the need for comprehensive control, we made the decisive choice to bring property management in-house. This strategic move allowed us to seamlessly integrate all aspects of the value chain. By taking control internally, we have gained the ability to implement our value-add strategy to its fullest extent, delivering superior results and creating added value for our properties.

 I personally invest my own capital into every deal, demonstrating my commitment to our investment strategy. This ensures that our investors can trust in our approach and have peace of mind knowing that we align our interests directly with theirs. When a deal is in escrow, it reflects our confidence in the opportunity and serves as a testament to our dedication and belief in its potential. By investing alongside our investors, we emphasize transparency, accountability, and a shared commitment to achieving successful outcomes.  

Cary Newton

About Me

With over two decades of experience in real estate investment, my journey began during my college years with the purchase of a duplex. Although I had limited knowledge about the industry at the time, I recognized the cash flow potential of the property and experienced the joy of receiving a monthly income. This realization sparked a passion for real estate, as I understood its ability to generate passive income while minimizing my time commitment. Motivated by this discovery, I set a goal of acquiring at least one property annually, aiming to leverage the power of real estate to create wealth and financial stability.

Upon completing college, I recognized the importance of furthering my knowledge in the realm of real estate. I embarked on a career as a commercial real estate broker. Through dedicated effort and a relentless pursuit, I swiftly rose to become one of the top-producing brokers in the state within a remarkable 18-month timeframe. This achievement is a testament to my unwavering commitment, extensive market understanding, and exceptional negotiation skills. By continuously honing my expertise and delivering exceptional results, I have solidified my position as a trusted and accomplished professional in the competitive field of commercial real estate.

My cousin took notice of my success in real estate, which led to an opportunity for us to join forces. He approached me with the proposition of starting a company together, where I would assume the role of leading the sales team. Embracing this new venture, we embarked on our entrepreneurial journey and established a company that achieved $100 million in sales within a span of just five years.

However, achieving success in the corporate world left me feeling unfulfilled. The lack of control over my time and schedule became evident as I found myself attending meetings during early mornings and late nights, sacrificing precious moments with my kids. Thankfully I had managed to grow my portfolio significantly during my corporate tenure, reaching a point where I no longer required a W-2 job, determined to take charge of my own time, I made the decision to venture out on my own. 

As I began expanding my portfolio and undertaking value-added projects, I quickly realized that many of the companies I interacted with excelled in certain areas but lacked the ability to excel in every aspect. This realization led me to take matters into my own hands. 

I discovered that by managing my own projects, I could achieve greater efficiency, adhere to timelines, and stay within budget, all of which are crucial in the demanding world of real estate. I now had a scalable business model for my family to be financially free with the freedom of time. Now I want to share the same freedoms with my investors.

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