Our Approach

Our approach is centered around our expertise and strengths. We specialize in Arizona’s multi-family properties. Our extensive knowledge allows us to identify and invest in properties that we know will greatly benefit from our value-add pillars. 

We prioritize our investors by providing them with personalized attention and keeping them consistently informed about the growth and progress of their investments. Our commitment to transparency and regular updates ensures that our investors feel confident and involved throughout the entire process, as we work diligently to maximize the growth and profitability of their investments.


Purchase price between $500,000 and $10,000,000
Building Size 5 to 50 units
1/2 the units must be 2+ bedrooms


Locating Off-Market Listings

We employ multiple methods to generate leads on off market listings. Our process targets owners that are looking to "cash out", are tired of the property management grind or are simply looking to take advantage of a lower commission fee structure through direct deals.

Passive Income, Stable Returns

Throughout the term of your investment with Arizona Multifamily you will receive regular updates on your investment with highlights how our vertically integrated services are saving money and increasing the expected rate of return.

Tenant Focused Improvements

Due to our focus on Class B and C properties, renovations are generally long overdue. At Arizona Multifamily we work with existing tenants to create a mutual understanding of the value created by renovating critical spaces allowing us to retain tenants even while increasing rents.

See our Pillars in Action

To see our approach in action please check out our properties page